Monday, January 26, 2009

Road Food

One of the pleasures of being on the road is eating at some new or other place not normally frequented.
On this trip San Luis Obispo, we stopped at Fat Cats Cafe in Avila Beach on Wednesday evening. 
This is a very pleasurable spot to stuff your pie hole sitting at the base of the pier that serves Port San Luis. Cyn and I shared an ubiquitous "fisherman's platter". Clams, oysters, fish; calamari rings, tubes & steak, all fried. All good except for the oysters. I only like the suckers raw. As a healthy appetizer, we had fried onion rings. Very good and very different from the burger shack variety.
After dinner we strolled down the pier and around the boatyard. Much different than LA/Long Beach.
Thursday evening we ate ate the Apple Farm's restaurant. We both had a course of three different red blends from the JanKris Winery in Templeton, CA. 
There was 
Crossfire 50% Cab, 25% Syrah & 25% Merlot.
Picaro which was a blend of Merlot, Zinfandel & Cab.
And Riatta 50% Sangiovese, 25% Cab & 25% Zin.
Three 3 oz. glasses of each for $10. Not bad, about a buck an ounce.
All very good the next trip up in the Templeton area, I'm going to stock up.
The food was only good but the ambiance was very nice.
I had Schweiner Schnitzel and Cyn had a huge trout.
Friday late afternoon was The Sea Shanty in Cayucos.
Nice little sea side cafe. Grilled fish sandwich Cyn had a fried veggy san.
Saturday afternoon we strolled the beach at San Simeon and had several close encounters with 5,000 bull Elephant seals who appeared to be on their last flippers, we ate at Sebastian's General Store and Cafe. These poor old guys had harems of 30 to 40 cow seals and had fought hundreds, if not thousands, of battles with would be competitors and now that the old bull had been ousted.
This is where they end up. All alone on a sunny spot of beach five miles away from their old harems. Barking about the good old days and how cool it was to service 15 or 20 bitches a day.
Who knows what beach I may end up on reliving when life was really good in my feeble mind.
About Sebastion's. It is a real General Store that has been run by the same family for a hundred, or more, years. I had a meatloaf sandwich. Or should I say I had a meatloaf betw
een the top & bottom of a small loaf of Chabatta. You name it, it had it on it. Lettuce, tomato, pickles and lots of it all. Cyn had a club sandwich which she could only finish half at one sitting.
While waiting for our food I reconnoitered around the store and lo and behold, I found a brand new Whizzer motorbike for sale. Big frigging deal, you may say? If you were born before Eisenhower became pres. , and you're from Cleveland. It is a big woop de doo. Of course the preceding criteria does thin out the herd a bit, big time.

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