Friday, February 20, 2009

I hate cilantro.

Just a quickie, I like quickies. 
I was talking to my son David and he mentioned something about a study done by some people who hate cilantro. If you don't know that I absolutely hate, despise, loath and am disgusted by cilantro. It's probably because you've been up on the International Space station for the last 35 years. Or maybe you've been meditating in a cave high in the Himalayas. Because you're probably the only person, on Earth, who doesn't know. I have been, let's say, a tad vocal in my dislike of the evil stuff. 
To come to the point, after I got off of the phone with Dave, I Googled "I hate cilantro".
Viola, there it is. A I hate cilantro web site. I found a home. A place where I can be myself and bitch about cilantro to understanding ears. Free at last, free at last. Good God in heaven, I'm part of a very important movement.
I hate cilantro. There, now I've said it.
Maybe for the billionth time.

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