Tuesday, March 24, 2009

American Schooner Cup Races

I have been competing in the American Schooner Cup Races in San Diego, off and on, since about 1988. Needless to say, it's lots of fun. And you should know how much I hate to have fun. 
Scott & Deb Douglas are flying in this year from Atlanta. We, Cyn & I, and plus S & D are sailing down very early Friday morning 3 April. It's 79 miles from Alamitos Bay jetty to Point Loma channel entrance buoy. This will be the first real run with the brand new Yanmar. I don't anticipate any problems with a <10>
The race is Saturday 4 April. Carl Mitrak & Freda will meet us in Dago as should Chris Rabb and his wife Maria. The way it's worked in the past, everybody races on Saturday. We used to be in class C. Not because of our rig or rating, just because we are a fiberglass schooner. And it just used to bother the crap out of the old farts to allow a Tupperware boat in their race. A few years, if it wasn't for the glass boats, there probably wouldn't have been a race. So I think because of that, and that a lot of the old farts died off, we're not quite the Unclean Ones that we once were.
But I digress. The way it worked in the past. All of the boats, in all of the classes raced on Saturday. On Sunday the top two finishers in each class, including us Untouchables in class D. The glass boats, raced to claim our cup. We usually raced on Sunday and took home some smart looking trophies a few times. There has been a Pirates Ball on Saturday night at the yacht club. That's always good for a few chuckles.
Assuming we race again on Sunday, we'll come back to good old Long Beach on Monday.
Should we show miserably however, we'll probably head for Avalon, or even the Isthmus Sunday and console ourselves with Buffalo Milks.

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