Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oil Island White

We were planning on either going to the Isthmus at Catalina for the Summer Wine Festival or failing that, sail to Long Point and anchor either at White's Landing or Hamilton Cove. The weather sucked so we didn't do either. Instead, we just motorsailed out to Oil Island White in Long Beach harbor and dropped the hook overnight.
It was Cynthia's first time on an overnight anchor out but all went well and there were no disasters.
Dawn broke nicely and we had a leisurely coffee and breakfast. These two pictures were taken with my "phone". They call it a cell phone and you can actually call people up with it. But the damned thing also has a camera on it and also is a Walkman and has a bunch of games with it as well. All very noble things to try doing while barrelling down the San diego Freeway at 75 MPH. 

This is the waterfall at the island which is as phony as the island itself. But when the fall is "on", and illuminated with the white lights, it's well worth showing up for.
We would have like to stay a bit longer but Miss Sadie hadn't done her toilet ritual for over a day and she looked like she was really suffering. As soon as we hit the marina dock. she jumped off and promptly made up for lost time, several times.

Sadie is four and a half now and apart from all of the hair that she sheds, she is the perfect boat dog. I've been trying to train her to go on the boat. But no deal. What kind of lady do you think I am she must wonder. She would rather breed with a Rottweiler that is owned by Nancy Palosi than do dirty on the boat. I even tried making a small puddle up on the bow by the anchor windless which would be the ideal spot, but she shot me a very dirty look and promptly dived down the ladder into the cabin below in order to distance herself, like I'm not getting blamed for this one smart guy.
I think I'd like to be reincarnated as a Golden Retriever. Life sure is good. Now let's go find some ducks to chase.

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