Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

These pictures were taken with my phone camera, so they're not the best.

We had an exiting afternoon here in the marina. I heard some noise and saw about 20 cops running around with guns drawn and pointing at the water. Plus two LBPD boats, two LB Lifeguard boats and a LBPD helicopter. The cops were hollering "come on out Scott, we know who you are and we know that your here in the water and were not leaving until we get you. Scott apparently had a different plan so he remained in the water.
As I understand it, the suspect AKA Scott, tried to make an unauthorized withdrawal from the First National Back of Best Buy Electronics. Some techno-geek contacted the coppers and the race was on. Out of the gate was Scott leading by a few lengths. Right behind our leader was a LB Motor cop chasing him through the Marina Pacifica Shopping Center parking lot. At this point, the race turned into a steeplechase when Scott vaulted a wall into the Albertson's parking lot. A new set of hounds in a LBPD B&W now took up the number two position. Scotty now added jaywalking to his rad sheet when he tore across Second Street against the light and ran into the marina parking lot. He ended up running down gangway 33, my and Sadie's home turf as it were, and jettisoned his gatt into the briny deep. The steeplechase now turned into water-sport as he did a one and a half gainer into the Pacific. Cops everywhere. LBPD cops. Marine Patrol cops. Some "plain clothes" cops with shaved heads and white Izod type shirts that had some stinking badges on lanyards around their necks.
It turned out that Mr. Scott was hiding out under a dock. The coppers searched about 45 minutes for him with no success. Enter Sgt. Kaynine with his trusty companion Fido. Fido had something the other cops didn't have. A nose. Apparently our armed robber first tried to hide out in the Duffy in the slip next to me. Fido was sniffing and barking his ass off. Sgt. K9 let Fido loose on the Duffy but our purp was already somewhere else. Fido figured there where in no time at all as he tried to chew his way through the dock. The moron then tried to swim for it. With half of the LBPD standing over him two feet away. Sgt. K then hollered to the purp, give it up or the dog goes in after you. The moron didn't listen, the dog did his best Ester Williams and shark fins started to appear as Mr. P lost a pint, or so. All of this is happening off of the bow of my boat.
Anyway alls well etc. As the story closed it was cops 1, purp 0.

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