Sunday, November 10, 2013


In July, I had a TIA. A, so called, mini-stroke. 
I was sitting at my desk in the afternoon when I just felt that something wasn't right. Nothing more. 
I thought that I would get up and "walk it off". I tried to stand up using my right arm to push off the arm of my desk chair. My right arm wouldn't move. I then tried to stand up without using my arm and realized that my right leg was also paralyzed. It was, right then and there, that I knew that I was having a stroke.
I wasn't really in fear of dying, but I knew that this was pretty serious and needed some immediate attention. I then tried to tell Jamie, who was sitting at the next desk, that I thought that I was having a stroke. As I tried, I knew that the right side of my face was also paralyzed. 
At that point, things get a bit scrambled. An ambulance was to be called. I garbled that I wasn't getting getting into no fucking ambulance. It took three people to get me into my truck.
As we drove to the VA hospital, I got somewhat better. I could articulate and move my arm again. But not for long. It got worse again, for a bit. 
And then, it got better again. I actually walked into the Emergency Room entrance. As I was waiting to be seen, I had to whiz so I went into the Men's head. After completing my task, my right leg started to give out again but I made it to the door to call out for help. I was deposited into a wheelchair and the ER event began.

To be continued.

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