Sunday, February 28, 2010

I still hate cilantro

I hadn't gone to the I HATE CILANTRO web site for a while and now it seems to be gone.
What is going on? Is freedom of speech being squashed everywhere?
I did find where I did comment;
You are not alone in your true hatred of cilantro, my brother. I believe that it is a communist plot inspired by Nancy Polosi to silence the opposition to the dreaded, vile green growth that is harvested from the private parts of slimy infected insects.

I believe that every peace loving true American should stand tall and help stamp out this alien menace to our palettes. Fight the fight, dream the dream.
Remember, if you tell the waiter at a Mexican restaurant that you don't like the stuff they will just ignore you. Yuck, yuck, please gag me, yuck. If you tell the server that you have violent allergic reactions to the stuff, they will omit it.
Remember, the truth will set you free.
I have a dream. A dream that cilantro will be eradicated from the face of the Earth in my life time.

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