Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools

In the blog,

Varones who bills themself as a radical libertarian Jeffersonian vegan militant bicyclist populist capitalist pig in San Diego, says

"Think again. I think we're watching "Checkmate" in action. Why? Word is that Immigration "Reform" is the Obama Administration's next goal,and that they intend on granting Amnesty to the illegals living here now. Estimates put that number at about 15-30 million people. Assuming 90% of them would instantly become life-long loyal Democrat voters (And why wouldn't they? They've just been given US citizenship and US Health Care by a Democrat), any massive "backlash" against the Democrats that appears to be developing right now will really only end up likely being more than countered by the massive increase in the total number of loyal Democrat voters that Amnesty will provide."

Checkmate indeed. Me thinks that Obama is sitting in the catbird seat. Did he blunder into it? Or is he that crafty?
What if he does champion immigration reform? And what if his handlers advise him to not back the illegals? If they tell him that he is veering way too far to the left and if he wants to get re-elected, ya think?, he needs to get back closer to the middle of the road.
If he flip/flops, he still wins. In one fell swoop, he gets the undying gratitude of all of those good loyal middle of the road Americans who, quite rationally, are opposed to millions of illegals pouring across our borders.
This could get real interesting. And as the old Chinese curse says, "may you live in interesting times".

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