Monday, May 10, 2010


Forever, I've listened to hundreds of old farts blow tons of hot air about their grandchildren. I've politely listened while fantasizing in my mind about hoisting my gollywobbler while they endlessly yak on and on about their little houseapes.
Well here I go. Now it's my turn. I'm going to start cornering all of those SOBs whenever I make a visual contact and tell them about a real, live grandkid. Mine. While I was in Atlanta last week, Amy had the little guy. Seven Lbs. ten Ozs. I am told not only is he cute, and darling just like his gramps, see below

he is really smart. He is already, at 12 days old playing easy fugues on his toy piano and composing basic haikus with his finger tip in his soiled Pampers. He has also, already, turned down a job offer with the State Department. He wants to finish his education first. AWK, by the way, is the anagram for Alexander Wolf Koch.

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