Sunday, May 16, 2010

Home again

Although Sadie and I have been back since Tuesday, we both still seem to be adjusting. My body clock seems to now be on Mountain Time and Sadie isn't crazy about walking more than a quarter of a mile. Not that she ever was a marathoner.
I love snuggling up in my own bunk. Sadie also like climbing up with me. I was planning on going walkies today to get us both limbered up somewhat, but so far this morning is been classic a So. Cal. gray May morning. The Sunday morning news is on and the blond weather bimbo just said that at 63, it's warmer at Big Bear then at the beaches. Just what I needed, a reason to lolly-gag in my bunk today. Maybe I'll read some more of Atlas Shrugged or Jim Murry.

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