Sunday, October 3, 2010


I heard an ad on the telly this morning for an American Express Zinc card. I really couldn't believe what I heard, so I Googled it. Yup, there is a ZYNC card.
I have heard of a Platinum card, a Gold card, a Green Card and even a Silver card. But a Zinc card? Please.
Who's the freakin' marketing moron who came up with a ZYNC card? Zinc is the bottom feeder of the metals world. It is literally used as a "sacrificial metal" on ships and boats. It's the stuff that you let erode away in order to save the worthwhile stuff. Zinc is so worthless that it is the primary metal used in making American one cent coins since 1982.
I'm guessing that the marketing genius who came up with that snappy name will be standing in the unemployment line and be voting Democratic by election day. I wish that I knew his, or her, name so that I could track the meteoric arc of their carrier. Perhaps he should be retrained as a burger flipper at Mac-you-know-where.
Do you want fries with this card?


  1. We just changed cards and there's the Blue, with no fee, then there's the ZYNC with a $40 fee for two cards. They guy couldn't tell me why I should get the ZYNC instead. Didn't get it.

  2. Calling it the Tungsten or Chromium card isn't as snappy.