Monday, August 9, 2010

Travels With Andy, Loreto to La Paz.

I am seriously considering retiring in Baja Sur. I thought that I'd like to live in La Paz because it is big enough to have certain amenities that we Gringos feel the we can't live without. Things like electricity and running water and maybe a supermarket. But now I'm starting that La Paz is going to hell just like Cabo San Lucas already has. I didn't see a Starbucks yet, but the do have a Walmart. The Walmart is OK, but when the Starbucks opens, I think I'll move on to a quieter, saner place. One of my Plan B options is Loreto/Peurto Escondido, so when we pulled out of Loreto, we took a small side to Escondido.

Yah, this is mas pacifico, more peaceful. After driving down the coast for a half hour and enjoying the sights along Loreto Bay, MX1 veered west and inland for the next few hours. We tanked up at the Pemex in Viudad Constitucion and started to look for a cute place to eat. We ran out of town before we found anything so we just kept rolling along. A bit south of Santa Rita, I said that I was stopping at the very next place that had food and we found this charming little place along the side of the road.
There was no menu. You could have a machaca burrito or a machaca quesidilla. What else do you have we asked? Oh, you can have a machaca & egg burito or a machaca & egg quesidilla. That was about it. But the beer was cold.
We ate and once again, hit the road to La Paz.
Next episode, thoughts on Baja, Loreto, Peurto Escondido, La Paz and Mexico & Mexicans.

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